Geschichte Für Alle e.V. (History for Everyone) in Executioner’s House

Rediscovering the city’s history

For more than 30 years, History for Everyone – Institute für Regional History has stood for modern, critical and controversial engagement with history. Founded by a small group of history students in 1985, it has developed into a professional association with over 1,400 members, a large number of full-time employees and over 250 freelancers. The ambit and impact of the association has far exceeded the original concept.

By integrating research and mediation, the association is able to provide the most diverse interest groups with effective insights into the history of the city. In addition to setting up, at Executioner’s House, the exhibition on the criminal history of Nuremberg, History for Everyone offers a wide range of thematic city tours. Moreover, it provides diverse educational programmes for museums e.g., in the Documentation Centre Nazi-Party Rally Grounds and the Memorium Nuremberg Trials. Every year, History for Everyone helps over 250,000 people discover Nuremberg, Bamberg, Erlangen and Fürth.

Further information about History for Everyone can be found here.